KLE Products Sdn Bhd. was established in 2002 and is a Malaysian domiciled manufacturer of conveyor chain systems and components for the rubber glove manufacturing industry. KLE manufactures a range of roller conveyor chains and former holder sets, and holds a manufacturing licence issued by the Ministry of International Trade & Industry of Malaysia.

Glove Manufacturing

indKLE is in the business of designing and manufacturing conveyors and holders for rubber dipping line systems, which systems are intended for use by KLEs customers to manufacture rubber gloves. The majority of KLEs customers are Malaysian rubber glove manufacturing companies, with some customers also based in China.

As at August 2015, KLE employed a total of 134 staff, comprising 9 office staff, 22 production office staff and 103 production employees


Further details on KLE Products

KLE operates out of a manufacturing facility in Beranang, Selangor, Malaysia.  The manufacturing facility is located on leasehold land occupied by KLE under a 99 year lease expiring on 9 October 2099.

The majority of KLEs customers are Malaysian rubber glove manufacturing companies (with some customers also located in China).  There are no long term contracts in place with any customers and sales primarily consist of individual orders as the relevant customers demand requires.

The Company generates approximately 55% and 40% of revenue from the sale of former holders and roller conveyor chains, respectively, with the remaining 5% of sales relating to the sale of component parts associated with the maintenance, replacement and upkeep of the former holders and conveyor chains.